​How to Choose the Best Camp Knife

Posted by Staff on 28th Feb 2020

​How to Choose the Best Camp Knife

When it comes to packing your camp kit with all the outdoor adventure essentials, you won’t want to forget a strong and durable camping knife. Small multi-tool knives are great in a pinch, but for camping tasks such as sharpening sticks, cutting rope, and prepping food to cook over an open fire, a super strong locking blade knife is your best option. 

What to Look For in a Camp Knife

Knives come in a huge variety of sizes, designs, and styles. The best option for camping may be different than the best knives for hunting, fishing, or everyday carry. When choosing a camping knife, look for a blade length over 3 inches, which can handle camp chores such as splitting kindling out of logs or cutting sticks to build a shelter. Opt for a camping knife made from stainless steel or high-carbon steel, which will resist rust and sharpen easily.

Our Surviv-All Survival Knife is an outdoor / camping knife option with some great features, including a fire starter rod and a cord cutter so you don’t have to take the knife out of the sheath for minor cuts. Our Ausus is another great choice as it features a 3.5" blade which makes it a great choice for camping. The Ausus features the stability of a fixed-blade with a heavy duty liner lock and its deep carry clip keeps it secure in your pocket. The Micarta scales give it a rugged and luxurious look which only get nicer looking over time and with use! 

How to Care for Camp Knives

Prolong the life of your camping knife by regularly cleaning every part of the knife, keeping the blade sharp, and storing it in a safe and dry place. Q-tips and toothpicks come in handy for cleaning / greasing the pivot on your folding knife. A few drops of mineral oil will keep the pivot operating smoothly.

A sharp knife is safer than a dull one, since the extra force needed to make a dull knife cut can cause you to lose control over the knife and possibly injure yourself. Sharpening your knife can be an intimidating task, but there are several easy ways you can sharpen a knife with everyday objects such as a car window, coffee mug, or brick.

Wiping the blade with an oil-moistened cloth will help ward off rust and storing it in a dry place can also increase its longevity. Also, avoid using your knife for anything other than cutting - using the blade as a screwdriver, can opener, or chisel can damage the blade.

Other Camp Tools 

If you’re a dedicated fan of the outdoors and often find yourself in remote locales and wild backcountry situations, you may want to have multiple knives available in your arsenal. The Pocket Samurai Knife is a compact utility blade great for cutting fruit on the trail or trimming twine or rope and the Slinger is a handy full-sized knife in an everyday carry size. 

Happy camping!