About Us

StatGear: Innovating Everyday Carry Tools for Rescue, Survival and EDC Markets since 2010


StatGear has been a leading innovator in designing and manufacturing innovative tools for the rescue, survival, and everyday carry (EDC) markets since 2010. Founded by Avi Goldstein, a New York City paramedic, who noticed various gaps through his daily experiences as an EMT, which enabled him to develop a unique perspective on everyday carry items.

In a few short years, StatGear made a name for itself with its best-selling rescue tool, the T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool, which was even featured on the Today Show, where a car window was broken on live television, and received a full-page spread in Men's Health Magazine. StatGear has since created many other top-selling EDC knives, collaborating with renowned brands like Supreme and Unbox Therapy to produce their unique versions of our popular Pocket Samurai knives.

In 2019, StatGear expanded its offerings by launching Clip & Carry, an EDC accessories company. In partnership with a New York-based kydex manufacturer, who is also a US veteran and employs other veterans, we now produce custom multi-tool sheaths. Each sheath is meticulously crafted with top-notch workmanship and high-quality materials.

Clip & Carry has also created the world's first easily attachable pocket clip for the 91mm range of Victorinox Swiss Army knives, which has seen a significant surge in popularity.

StatGear has firmly established itself as an outstanding innovator in the EDC field for knives and accessories. As we continue to grow the StatGear and Clip & Carry brands, we pledge to deliver innovative, high-quality EDC products that we stand behind 100%.