What is EDC?

Posted by Staff on 16th Mar 2017

What is EDC?

What is “EDC”?

At StatGear, maybe you’ve seen us mention “EDC”. When it comes to gear, accessories, and survival kits, EDC is important. EDC stands for “Every Day Carry”. It’s important, because the things which you carry everyday are important to you. Most of us have our go-to items which without, we feel like we couldn’t leave the house and have a productive day. The beauty to EDC is that there are no rules and each of us have a different view and reason for carrying what we do. Aside to things like a cellphone, wallet, watch and keys (which are all EDC), let’s talk about knives! This is after all, a company that loves gear and knives!

When it comes to knives and gear that you’d carry everyday, let’s focus on some important factors. Gear that is small(ish), lightweight, durable, and maybe multi-functional are all important components to EDC. Something which you can effortlessly carry in your pocket or on a belt are things to consider.

Safety is something which should always be a consideration - accidents can happen at any time. When it comes to first aid and survival kits, one shouldn't overlook their importance. We offer both a first aid and survival kit, and the great thing is that by leaving them in your car, you’re prepared in the event of an emergency. They’re also small enough to where they won’t crowd or interfere with your space. We also have auto rescue tools which feature a carbide window breaker. This handy feature can save you should you ever get trapped in your car. These are small enough to fit on your sun visor (like our Supervizor XT), or our popular T2 and T3 which feature a blade and seatbelt cutter in addition to the window breaker. These are versatile, lightweight tools which can easily fit in your glove compartment. They’re also small enough that you can carry them daily!

Now to the good stuff, knives. In the past, we’ve talked a little about the things to look for in a knife (if you’re new to EDC), but why is a knife so important? Like your cellphone or watch, a knife could be a crucial item for a daily carry. Do you open a lot of boxes / mail daily, cut fruit, need protection? There are a countless number of options out there, and many of them work great for most people. When considering your EDC purchase, remember small, lightweight, durable, and maybe multi-functional are crucial components. Most people can benefit from a simple blade alone should the opportunity of needing one ever arise. We developed a 1 ounce keychain knife - the Pocket Samurai, with a 440c stainless steel tanto blade for this very reason. Aside to looking like a mini samurai sword on your keychain (it’s so cool!), this knife is a great EDC for it’s small size, but serious blade!