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Samurai swords were known for their extreme strength and sharpness so we've designed the Pocket Samurai knives to mimic those traits. 

Grade 5 Titanium handles in either Black or Gray
440C Stainless steel Tanto blade
Stainless steel pocket / money clip
Keyring loop
thumb stud

Open packages of food
Open boxes
Cut your fruit
Cut rope or twine
Trim loose threads in your clothing
Too many more to count!




Reviews (3)

Jas k 30th Dec 2016

It's a beautiful tiny blade

Usually when knife company creates "tanto" design they come out with a shape that feels like a katana that was stretched out to fit the generic knife width and shape. These knives rarely captures the true elegance and spirit of the katana. However, blade on the pocket samurai manages just that. The tiny curve on the blade, rather thin width, and the location of the yokote seems to better capture the shape and the spirit of the katana than any other "tanto" knife I have handled. The blade itself comes very sharp right out of the box, and I felt no temptation to try to sharpen the knife. And the etching for the Japanese lettering and the 440C and company logo locations are just perfect. I don't think you can really improve on the blade design. The 440C stainless steel is supposed to be an excellent steel. However I have also heard that Chinese made knives with 440C labels often are made of the Chinese 440C equivalent, 9cr18mov. The 9cr18mov are supposed to be good steel as well, but are lesser steel than the 440C. I'm not sure which of the two steel this particular knife is because of the Chinese origin, and it would be rather disappointing to find that this is the "Chinese 440C". All of this of course is more for the nit pickers of the group, as this tiny blade will not see the heavy continued use and abuse to warrant 9cr18mov let alone 440C.(Due to its size it's more for gentler cutting tasks) The scale of the knife is made of titanium and it does make the knife feel very light. I have kept surprising myself when I was first handling the knife on it's relatively light weight when compared to its solid build. Personally I'm not too crazy about the pattern on the scales. I think just plain solid scales would have been nice, but that's just me and my minimalist tastes. But I do think it is a nice elegant nod to the katana's wrap motif in general. At least it's much better than Mcusta's attempt at modern interpretation of katana wrap. (*shudder* Neon. Why would any one neon color anything katana related...) The action of the knife is very smooth and the frame lock is easy to work with. My only gripe about the action is that it is near impossible to open one hand due to the tiny thumb stud that sits right next to the scales when closed. I had to get creative with the 'blade grip' opening method to manage one handed opening. But once again I'm nit picking because the blade is the size of swiss army knife and the knife of this size is usually two handed opening anyway. The closing is very easy with one hand and is almost a joy to do. Lastly the packaging. I think this was the only disappointment with the whole purchase, but it has more to do with me once again. I was looking to gift these knives(I got five) for Christmas, and I was looking for a simple elegant box design. A traditional katana box or bag design would have been nice inspiration, or opinel type of simple and elegant style packaging would have been nice too. I think spyderco's boxes are ugly and bland but I'll take even those for the purpose of gifting. What I got was one of those thin flat cardboard backing that's designed to hang from one of those metal racks with clear plastic mold to hold the knife in semi opened position. It's not a bad design for what it is, but that type of packaging does scream out "WALLMART" "TARGET" "KMART". Not the type of feel I was going for when gifting. Now I will have to take all of these knives out of the packaging and figure out how to repackage them. If this knife is for yourself this may not matter so much. I been really harsh on the review because I feel like I need to compensate for how much I really do like the knife in order to give a fair review. But the simple fact is that it is a very cute tiny blade that carries that katana gene better than any other knives I have ever seen. I have been pulling the knife out literally everyday since the delivery to just to look at and fiddle around with it. No real regrets on the purchase, and I would recommend this knife to any body that is in the market for a tiny knife. P.S. Forgot to mention the clip. It looks nice and it's very strong. It'll clip on and it won't go any where.

Margus L 30th Dec 2016

Great tool

Got it by backing on Indiegogo, don't regret the slightest. It is a great small pocket knife, small enough to be allowed in the UK. Most knives of this size are toys, this isn't. The body is light and rigid, and the blade opens and locks securely. It comes rather sharp, better than any small pocket knife I've seen. Perhaps not quite enough for my liking, but it seems easy to sharpen. Generally one may not even want a keychain knife be sharper than a razor. Great product!

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