Posted by Avi Goldstein on 6th Mar 2014

Survival Knives and Cutting Out Disasters

We, at StatGear, believe you should never be caught off-guard in an emergency situation, which is why we have specifically formulated our survival knives.Our survival knives are specially engineered to ensure that you can get out of any emergency rescue or survival situation quickly and with effective effort.

What are its uses?

Our innovative survival knives are specifically engineered for both the rescue and survival industries.They are designated as tactical auto rescue tools, and are designed to prevent any individual from becoming trapped within a vehicle during or after an accident or disaster.While it was initially designed for use by EMTs, other first responders, and for military use, the practical uses of the survival knife make it an asset for any individual’s emergency kit, or for everyday carry.

Survival knives were originally designed for wilderness use, and were used for such purposes as cutting through branches, splitting wood, setting traps, and skinning animals; however, modern survival knives have been re-engineered for disaster scenarios, and include the features necessary for enabling individuals to remove themselves from damaged, overturned, or otherwise barricaded vehicles.Our survival knives possess the features necessary for escaping from entrapped vehicles, including seat belt cutters and a steel tipped window punch.

What are the features?

Survival knives feature a 440C stainless steel hook blade, which is specifically designed to cut seat belts, as well as a half serrated 440C stainless steel 3¼ inch blade.Each knife further features a spring loaded steel tip window punch, which is activated when it is pressed with moderate force as it is held against any window.The steel point will shoot out and automatically retract, causing the glass to shatter.Each knife also features an LED light with replaceable batteries.The complete tool is 5 inches long, weighs 6.4 oz, and features a stainless steel belt clip and a heavy duty nylon sheath.Survival knives are designed for quick and easy access, and can be opened using only one hand.

What is it meant for?

Survival knives were originally intended to be used for survival in a wilderness environment, often in an emergency situation where the individual finds him or herself without his/ her main equipment.Early Survival knives were used by explorers and outdoors men; however, they were also issued by military units, often to pilots who ran the risk of being shot down.The multipurpose uses of the knife, coupled with its light weight, small size, and varying features, have made it a popular item to be included within many emergency and survival kits, and have also made it a popular (and essential) tool for use in emergency situations as well as by emergency responders.

The survival knife, originating at the beginning of the 20th century and taking on immense popularity from the 1980s onward, has been a practical and life-saving addition to any survival kit.At StatGear, we have taken the idea of the survival knife one step further, making it more applicable to everyday life.Our survival knives are specifically engineered to provide an efficient and fast escape from emergency situations caused by disasters and automobile accidents.Designed for use by EMT and other emergency responders, the survival knife can provide you with the ability to cut through disaster.