Building a First Aid Kit for EDC: Covid-19 Edition

Posted by Staff on 3rd Apr 2020

Building a First Aid Kit for EDC: Covid-19 Edition

The on-going pandemic has made a lot of us think about our health and preparedness more. We've seen first-hand the importance of intentional tools, stockpiles, and kits. Although Everyday Carry is relevant everyday, it's in times like these EDC’s true importance shines. Everyday Carry (EDC) is defined as the collection of items you keep on your person daily. These are an intentional set of items that aim to improve your everyday life. If you want a full introduction into EDC see our post here!

EDC principles can also be applied to first aid, health, and medical safety as well. Purposeful kits can be made to handle a wide variety of medical needs. Of course, these kits can scale based on where they are stored and when they are used. For example, see our Auto First Aid Kit. We created this first aid kit to be ready for drivers being stranded, sick, or seriously wounded. Besides finding the perfect supplies, we also made the kit lightweight and easy to store. It’s able to handle a lot of scenarios while remaining convenient to carry.

First Aid Kits for Covid-19

While first aid kits usually share similar items, a Coronavirus-based kit may look a bit different. The Covid-19 pandemic is posing different challenges to our health and everyday life. So, it makes sense we need to find unique solutions. Despite the restrictions this virus has caused, it does offer a chance to build up your own Everyday Carry kits. You have more time at home, and more clarity on the importance of being prepared.

So, how do you start building your Covid-19 EDC kit?

One of the first things you can do is to look for a quality base kit. Look for a first aid kit that will provide value far into the future. Also consider the size, function, and storage of your kit. Are you keeping it in your car, bathroom, etc.? This will help you narrow down options and think of practical use cases for your first aid kit. You may decide to build your whole kit from scratch too. This way you can pick every item by hand! If you choose this route find a quality container to store your items in, and see if any bulk buys make sense for you.

Once you create a solid base for your first aid kit, it's time to think about what specific problems Covid-19 poses. Think about what problems you want solutions to. What would make your life better? Take these insights, and find EDC items that offer the most effective solutions. For example, Coronavirus is highly transferable through our respiratory system. So face masks are definitely an item worth adding. However, which style and use of mask you choose is up to you. You may opt for a disposable mask or get a highly durable reusable mask - there are pros and cons to each. Some of these would be cost, weight/size, the environment in which you'll be using the mask.

A few more items that we would add for our Covid-19 first aid kit include:

  • Latex / Exam Gloves
  • Disposable Thermometers
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Antiseptic Wipes
  • Cold / Flu Medicine

Even though things like thermometers and masks may sound like common sense items, there’s a lot of variety for which exact item you end up with. Create a kit that you can use for a long time to come. During this time of isolation and extra time at home, it's important to find meaningful projects to fill our time. Building an EDC first aid kit is a great project, because you're building preparedness which is extremely important in times like this. Building a kit will also provide the tools to improve your current situation and make you feel that much safer. As we re-integrate back into society, your kit will also give you continued peace of mind. As no kit will be 100% perfect for your direct needs, there are many out there which provide a good base. You can check out some of our kits and survival gear here: