What is EDC? An Introductory Guide to Everyday Carry

Posted by Staff on 21st Feb 2020

What is EDC? An Introductory Guide to Everyday Carry

What does EDC Mean?

Let’s start off simple and break down the origin of “Everyday Carry”. Everyday Carry (EDC) is the term used to describe the collection of items you have on your person daily. Particularly, EDC refers to the essential items carried on you directly. Everything you would check your pockets for before leaving home would likely fall under EDC. Some common EDC items are a wallet, pocket knife, watch, and cell phone. There is no set criteria for what is considered a true EDC item. What’s most important is that the item provides daily value, while remaining easy to carry.

Why has EDC Become Popular?

The Everyday Carry community has been growing because it offers challenge, personalization, and practicality. At its core, EDC is all about utility. Each item can be considered for its function and usefulness. EDC enthusiasts enjoy optimizing the most efficient bundle they can carry in their pockets. Some people hunt to find a holy grail item that can do it all, while others seek a few items that work perfectly together. Everyone’s process is different, but that’s what makes it fun. One tool that fits into most EDC collections is a top-notch multi-purpose tool.

How do I Start with EDC?

There are a few main principles which will help you build a solid EDC collection. The first principle to check for is preparedness. What are things you can carry on you that would help in unexpected situations? You’re looking for things that can help you be more reliant, anywhere. Next, focus on convenience. Ask yourself what is something that can help me do something that I do often? Getting this right can be a life-changer. One area you may not immediately consider is optimization. Can you replace or upgrade your current items to make your life easier? Maybe it's a better wallet or a more secure phone case. Sometimes upgrading an existing item can do more than researching a new one. Another important factor to think about is the item’s return. What EDC item can you add that will result in long-term savings? Is there anything that will help you save money by avoiding costs? Will it outlast other models? Saving your cash is always an important thought.

Common EDC Items

Below are some of the more frequented EDC items:

Wallet: A wallet is probably the first item that comes to mind when talking EDC. It’s an essential item to keep your ID’s, credit cards, and small tools safe.There are a lot of options and features out there, so happy hunting!

Pocket Knife: A discrete knife is great to have on hand for all things opening, cutting, and slicing. View your knife as a practical tool, and know when it’s appropriate to bring and when it’s not. In most cases, it will be the only tool for the job. You can check out our options here for the EDC knife that'll be perfect for you.

Phone: Our phones do a lot more than we can write about here. Just make sure to research a phone that has the features that actually matter to you! Sometimes less popular models are a great fit.

Multi-Tool: It’s hard to beat a tool that actually has many different tools! That’s why multi-tools find their way into almost every EDC collection. As with most items, it's a balance with functionality, practicality, and ease of carry. Some popular brands you can check out are Leatherman, Gerber, and SOG.

Bonus: Multi-Tool Sheath: It’s a light-weight clip to secure your multi-tool for any activity. We make heavy duty kydex sheaths for many of the most popular multi-tools, check them out

Pen: Pens come in handy all the time. Whether it’s work, appointments, or jotting down a thought, you need a pen at hand. Finding the right pen can subtly improve your day to day life. We offer a great everyday carry pen, the TriTac, which features a small blade, window punch, and a Fisher Space Ink Cartridge!

Welcome to the EDC Club!

Now that you better understand EDC, you can go explore it for yourself. There are an infinite amount of possibilities that can make up your personal collection. We hope you get into it and find some items that seriously help you out. If you ever need help on what to add to your collection, feel free to reach out! We love helping people find the perfect gear!