An Everyday Kit for the Outdoors

Posted by Staff on 24th Apr 2020

An Everyday Kit for the Outdoors

Although most of us are required to shelter-in-place, summer is near which hopefully means plenty of outdoor trips. While you are eagerly waiting to get back outside, you can use your time preparing your outdoor gear. There are so many places to see and activities to try in the great outdoors. Each trip is likely to require different tools and prep-work. Nevertheless, there are a few items that always come in handy when outdoors.

We call these Everyday Carry items. The term Everyday Carry refers to selected items an individual wears on them each day. In other words, a set of tools that are easy to carry and always come in handy. This same thinking can be applied to outdoor gear. You can make an Everyday Carry set that is useful no matter what you’re doing outdoors. If you’re new to Everyday Carry or need help picking the best outdoor gear, look no further. We put together a few items that are both easy to carry and have a ton of utility outdoors.

1. Survival Knife

When preparing for the outdoors, you need to prepare for the worst, first. You need to ask yourself what risks you might encounter? Then, ask what’ll you need to feel comfortable if you encounter them? In most cases, carrying a tactical knife can be sufficient. Things like a bear spray can be added to your backpacking kit, but no matter where you go a solid knife is relevant. The Surviv-All Survival Knife is not just a tactical knife, it’s an optimized Everyday Carry item. This knife comes with a fire rod starter, paracord, and sharpener. This knife is a great example of an item that fulfills multiple outdoor uses.

2. Paracord Bracelet

Paracords are an easy to wear item that can come in handy many ways. Because paracord is immensely strong, it can be used for hundreds of things. Some of the most relevant to the outdoors include: fishing line, making a bow drill, hanging tents, clothes or tarps, acting as a sling, fire kindling, and of course many many more options. Paracords are an easy add to your outdoor collection. The only hard part is remembering all the ways you can use it during your next outdoor trip.

3. Canteen / Water Filter

Yeah, believe it or not water is important. Very important. Choosing a quality canteen is necessary for any outdoor adventure. Not only is it the sustainable option, it’s the most effective. Canteens keep your water cool, rationed, and can even endure a few bumps. We recommend finding a water bottle that also acts as a water filter. This way you can truly take this bottle anywhere. A filtered canteen is a highly powerful tool to survive and thrive outdoors.

4. Swiss Army / All-Purpose Tool

An all-purpose tool or Swiss Army knife always comes in handy...that’s kind of the point. Although, their true power is even more clear while outdoors. There are plenty of all-purpose tools out there. Some more durable than others. Choose a tool that has a variety of functions you could see yourself using. We recommend adding a kydex sheath. These sheaths allow you to clip your all-purpose tool right onto your belt or designated area. This allows for greater ease of use, and it will protect your multitool.

5. All in One Items

All-in-one items are great because they intentionally combine a variety of items into one convenient tool. There are plenty of all-in-one tools out there catered toward outdoor needs. A few common items included in these tools are: waterproof matches, compasses, whistles, fire starters, flashlights, and maybe even some first aid items. Usually, you can find all these items packaged into one small, light-weight tool. However, there are more durable options out there. Take a look around, and find the perfect one for your kit and your activity level.

Everyday Carry items and outdoor gear are a perfect match. They both focus on what’s useful, what can be optimized, and what’s easy to carry. Hopefully these 5 essential items are enough inspiration to get you going. The possibilities are truly endless, but that’s what makes it so fun. We hope you have fun preparing your kit, and getting ready for your next outdoor adventure. If you have any questions about Everyday Carry items to add to your kit, please reach out to the StatGear team!