13 items you should ALWAYS keep in your car

Posted by Staff on 14th Feb 2020

13 items you should ALWAYS keep in your car

We’ve all faced long packing lists. But one list you need to get right is what to keep in your car. It may be for a family trip across the country or just for your everyday driving. Regardless of the reason, there are a few items that should always be kept in your car. These car items help ensure not just your peace of mind, but your safety.

Below we present the 13 items you should always keep in your car!

Health and Safety

1. First Aid Kit
The first thing on your list should be a first aid kit! Accidents happen more often than we’d like, so it's worth being prepared. At the end of the day, your health is the most important thing to look out for. So medical aid is a top priority when you’re on the road.

Luckily, our team at StatGear has created the perfect first aid kit for your car! Our kit has items such as nitrile gloves, alcohol pads, antibiotic ointment, various bandage types, and even emergency drinking water. Our Auto First Aid Kit has everything you need to feel comfortable if you encounter any medical needs while on the road.

2. Extra Food and Water
Have you or someone you know had a car break down outside of a town? Waiting for help to come may not happen very quickly, especially if you find yourself in the desert, mountains, or some other remote area. Therefore, you absolutely need to have extra water and non-perishable food ready for an emergency.

Depending on the circumstances, say driving cross-country during the winter, you need to pack extra food and water. We recommend having a gallon in the car at all times., with an extra gallon being added per person to be on the safe side.

3. Tissues, Hand Sanitizer, Napkins

Tissues and napkins come next on the list because nobody likes to have a runny nose without a tissue, right? Napkins are ALWAYS useful to have in the car incase of spills, dirty hands, or maybe even oily car parts. They can also be used as material to start a fire if necessary. Hand sanitizer because, well, it helps keep you germ-free after leaving all those gas stations and public bathrooms.

4. Extra Clothes/BlanketExtra layers

This may not seem needed at the top of our list, but having an extra set of clothes in your car can come in handy. In fact, extra clothes and blankets come into play more times than you might imagine! For example you get a hole in your pants, a big stain on your shirt, or you got stuck in the rain without an umbrella? Bam! An extra set of clothes or a blanket can set you straight.

Also during winter months, it’s especially important to keep an extra coat, beanie, gloves and a blanket with you. We want to stress safety here and having warm clothes is essential in case your car breaks down in the dead of winter.

5. Emergency SeatBelt Cutting Tool and Window Breaking Tool
The most important safety items to keep in the car are tools that can break windows and cut seat belts. In case of a life or death emergency, these tools can be vital. At StatGear, we have a multi tool that was designed to do both, break glass and cut seat belts. In addition, the tool also has a stainless steel blade and an emergency LED light. Both of which should be kept in the car anyway!

The T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool was designed by a New York City paramedic, someone who knows exactly what you need in the case of such an emergency. Not only that, but this tool is known industry wide as one of the best on the market. We also offer a smaller tool, the SuperVizor XT which features a seatbelt cutter and window punch which fits on your car's sun vizor.

Items for Roadside Emergencies and General Car Maintenance

6. Tire Changing Supplies

Number 6 comes with a collection of items, rather than just one. While on the road we need to make sure we’re prepared for one of the most common emergencies, a flat tire. At all times your car should possess a functional spare tire, tire pressure gauge, lug wrench, a tire jack, and some WD-40. Most modern cars come with a spare tire and the necessary equipment to change it. So maybe you just need to check whether your kit and tire are already in your trunk.

7. Jumper Cables

Jumper cables are a staple item you will find in most cars. Nobody wants to be stuck with a dead battery and nobody around to help. And if someone does come around, it’s better to have your own cables than hoping someone else does. Plus you might just find yourself able to help someone else in need!

8. Gas Can

A great thing for everyday carry in your car, and an absolute essential item to have on a long road trip. Maybe you’re late for a meeting only to find your car on E. Lucky for you, those extra couple of gallons will get you by! Driving long distances, it’s especially important to keep a few extra gallons with you. Even more so if your drive is through under-populated areas. Sometimes GPS takes expected routes, so have some backup gas in case you run out and can’t get back.

9. Windshield Wiper Fluid

Although this is a less common item to keep in your car, it can definitely save you at times. Replacing empty windshield wiper fluid is especially important if that long drive happens to be in the winter! Getting stuck in a snowstorm without below zero windshield wiper fluid is a one-way ticket to an accident. Best to make that purchase and store it in your trunk now.

10. Fire Extinguisher

Nobody wants to watch their car catch a flame or to watch their camp fire spread. The only item that can control an unwanted fire is a fire extinguisher. Therefore, it’s a great thing to have accessible in your car. Luckily nowadays you can find affordable fire extinguishers designed to be kept in your car.

Miscellaneous Items

11. Ice Scraper/Snow Shovel

An ice scraper and shovel are technically two items, but they go hand in hand. However, these tools do depend on your location and the time of year you're experiencing. If you drive in snow and ice, a shovel and ice scraper are must have items in your car. If you get stuck in snow, you’ll need a shovel to help dig your way out. Otherwise you are stuck in a particularly un-fun situation.

Additionally, attempting to drive with an ice covered windshield seriously increases your chances of an accident. So have the scraper in your car, and make sure you can see before departing on those icy roads.

12. Car Adapters

An adapter that lets you plug in a USB is a must have in this day and age. For those of us who use our phones for music or navigation, being able to charge your phone is essential while in the car. Pick one of these up at just about any gas station and ensure your electronics stay charged while driving. It’s a great back up to have in case your phone dies, and you really need your phone’s help.

13. Umbrella

Getting in or out of your car while it’s raining is not ideal. Especially if it’s cold, or you are going some place in which you can't change, have an umbrella handy in your back seat. This way you can make sure you stay as dry as possible when navigating to and from your car!


And there we have it! A list of 13 items that you should always keep in your car. These items were picked to keep you prepared for even the worst of emergencies. Even though there are a lot of items on our list, they all have a purpose, and there are always more things that could be beneficial to your safety. Take some time to go through our list and make sure you have everything you need. Whether it ends up being for peace of mind or saving your day, it’s worth the time!