Ledge Slipjoint Knife

  • Ledge Slipjoint Knife
  • Slip-joint (non-locking) mechanism
  • Ledge Black
  • Ledge Red
  • Ledge Brown
  • Ledge pocket clip - rear view
  • Reversible, deep-carry pocket clip
  • Ledge Slipjoint Knife
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A modern take on the classic slip-joint knife. Designed to be as rugged as it is handsome.


Slip-joint mechanism:

Designed with a slip-joint (non-locking) mechanism which have been around for hundreds of years, the LEDGE features a modern take on the time-tested, classic design. The slip-joint mechanism & controlled back-spring movement allows for a tactile, classy and buttery smooth deployment and closure. The extended blade groove and extra blade width allows for much easier deployment of the blade than traditional slip-joint knives that have a small nail nick for opening. 



The LEDGE boasts a modified sheepsfoot, flat grind,  D2 steel blade that makes light work of any daily cutting task while maintaining a razor sharp edge with excellent corrosion and wear resistance enhanced by the stonewashed finish. Heat-treated to an HRC of 59-61, you can rely on the edge of your Ledge to be ready for action!



Contoured G10 handles offer a light texture for a secure and comfortable grip. With its dual layered CNC routed scales, the LEDGE gives a modern spin to a classic gentleman's knife. G10 is a thermoset laminate produced from fiberglass that is impregnated with an epoxy resin binder. G10 is commonly used for knife and gun handles due its incredible dimensional stability to withstand any shrinkage or swelling from extreme temperatures and its superior strength while staying lightweight. The textured pattern on the LEDGE help provide a non-slip surface to the ergonomically designed handle for a comfortable, controlled grip.  


Pocket clip: 

The reversible, deep carry, tip-up stainless steel pocket clip allows you to carry the LEDGE inconspicuously for right or left-handed use. The pocket clip is made from heat treated stainless steel with two Torx screws to keep the clip from over bending, breaking or pivoting. This all just means that you can carry your LEDGE on your preferred side, deep in your pocket, out of view and you can rest assured that it will stay securely clipped until needed at which point it is easily removed and ready to deploy. 

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