BOOMR Bungee Camera Strap

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Inspired by the popular bungee cord rifle slings used in the military we have designed the patent-pending BOOMR to be the most comfortable camera strap/sling on the market!



Bungee Benefits

Bungee cords are extremely strong and durable and incorporated into the design of BOOMR to act as shock absorbers which significantly decrease the weight load of carrying a camera around your neck or shoulders. 

How is it worn?

BOOMR was designed to be worn any way you normally carry your camera. It can be worn comfortably as a neck strap cross-body sling over the shoulder. 











Reviews (3)

Jason 17th Feb 2016

Great product!

I just received my strap in the mail today and I'm already kicking myself for not ordering two via Kickstarter. I used my strap to replace the shoulder strap on my lunch bag and I can feel the difference in the weight distribution. I know it's advertised as a camera strap but it can also replace your shoulder strap on a small briefcase or lunch bag. Going to order another strap to actually use it with my camera.

Scott 11th Feb 2016

Quality product

Really like this strap heavy duty materials would highly recommend

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