What Should You Look For In A EDC Knife?

Posted by Staff on 24th Jul 2020

What Should You Look For In A EDC Knife?

photo: coolmaterial.com

Being provided with the knowledge and the answers you need are essential when it comes to purchasing the right EDC knife that meets your exact needs.

This blog post is a collaboration with one of our distributors in the UK, Heinnie Haynes, who is going to go through a complete guide on how you can find the right everyday carry knife, as well as answering those ever looming questions you have that might be stopping you from taking the leap of faith and purchasing your desired knife!

Firstly, What Is An EDC Knife?

‘EDC’ simply stands for - “Every Day Carry.” And, as the name states, an everyday carry knife is a practical and functional knife which is complete in a reduced size, so it is easy to carry around, but still large enough for full effect on diverse tasks.

*Also, if you are a UK reader, you need to be aware that there are certain rules and regulations in place, one example being that they need the blade to be under 3 inches in length. If you are a UK reader interested in purchasing an EDC knife, then feel free to read the full guidelines, here.

Now, let's take a look at the characteristics you need to consider for your desired EDC knife.


When looking at the exterior dimensions of your desired knife, it 100% depends on your own preferences and how you intend to use your knife.

There is a large range out there, so you need to take the time to pick the perfect one, whether that being a bigger and heavier knife, or something that is smaller, lightweight and easier to carry. The choices are limitless. For instance, StatGear has the Ausus, a premium micarta EDC knife that's on the larger side, and they also have the Pocket Samurai, a much smaller EDC knife that can fit on your keychain! It's all about preferences.

The end goal is to find a balance of a knife that fits perfectly in your pockets and your hand, because if you have an EDC knife that is too big or too small, it could mean you're not getting the best out of your knife. You can check out StatGear's wide range of EDC knives here.


It is recommended that your every day carry knife should be lightweight, because not many people realize, but the difference between a couple of grams may not sound big, but in terms of carrying it around for hours, it really does add up the benefits when you choose a lighter option.

However, don't just keep in mind that the lightest choice is the best, as we all have different preferences on what lightweight is to us. Also, in terms of material, aluminum may be lighter and save weight, steel is stronger, and then titanium is extremely strong, but will cost a more.

Before you purchase, make sure that you compare weights of different models, and the carry on researching after you have found your perfect carry requirements.

Blade Materials

Without a doubt, there is a wide array of steels to choose from out there, and in an instance of choosing a blade material, we would highly recommend you going for a type of steel, plus for a UK legal EDC knife, it needs to be around 99% of the time, a steel blade.

As you would imagine, each type of steel has its own benefits and disadvantages, which can include resistance to corrosion, strength, edge retention, cost, and more. In many scenarios, it does actually come down to cost, as the best quality knives and most durable steels tend to be more expensive.

But do remember, there is no such thing as a right or wrong steel, just some can be better than others. You can check out this great guide for a break down on knife steels while gaining a more in-depth look. 

Handle Materials

When it comes to the decision process of finding your perfect EDC knife handle, you need to consider durability, strength, grip and also the aesthetics.

At Heinnie, we have found that knives which actually have organic handle materials seem to have much more aesthetic appeal to the population, but other grips may feel more comfortable for you.

When looking at the broad range of materials, they can range from exotic rainforest hardwoods and brass, to metal and even animal bone!


If you are looking to perfect your EDC setup, then you need to purchase amazing gear to go with it! StatGear provides a fantastic range of gear for you to choose from, including tactical pens and sheaths. You can find the perfect finishing touch to your collection here.

We hope this helps you on the journey to finding your perfect EDC knife, but do make sure to do your majority of research online and stay safe.

- Heinnie Haynes.