Top Ten Benefits of Carrying a Pocket Knife

Posted by Valerie Reed on 11th Aug 2016

Top Ten Benefits of Carrying a Pocket Knife

Do you remember the last time was that you needed a handy blade? Did you have a package to open, a loose thread on your clothing to trim or just needed a blade to cut a fruit? With the right pocket knife you will always have a razor-sharp blade within reach! Men have been carrying pocket knives for centuries. Although their popularity has decreased over the years, there still are many beneficial ways this tool can be used in our modern world. Here are a few great reasons for carrying a pocket knife everywhere you go.

1. First Aid

From cutting bandages to removing splinters and thorns, you never know when a pocket knife can come in handy.

2. Protection

Although pocket knives aren’t designed to be a weapon, if you do find yourself in a sticky situation it may be enough to fend off or at least slow down an attacker. Even when you don’t need it as a tool, carrying it is a small reminder that you’re prepared for whatever comes your way.

3. Camping

Can you imagine camping without a knife? It’s an essential survival tool when it comes to making food, setting tent, or cutting up wood kindling for a fire.

4. Fishing
A fisherman without a pocket knife isn't a fisherman. From cutting line to removing hooks, a trusty pocket knife is mandatory must have tool for any fisherman.

5. Peeling Fruit

Hold the fruit in your non-dominant hand and then make a slice with the knife using your dominant hand. After you make the slice, pinch it between your thumb and knife blade. Bring the blade to your mouth and enjoy the fruit slice by slice.

6. Opening Canned Objects

From cutting open cans to prying open bottles of beer, pocket knives make great substitutes for everyday tools like can and bottle openers.

7. Cutting Rope, Wire, Or Twine

A pair of scissors or wire cutters might be safer, but a pocket knife gives you a much more diverse range of capabilities in a single product you can easily carry, then use with a single hand.

8. Extracting Objects from Slots, Cracks and Crevices

Having an immediately accessible tool with you is a crucial component of being prepared to handle any of the twists and turns life throws at you every single day.

9. Opening Boxes and Letters

For a nice clean cut, a pocket knife is the perfect tool for seamlessly slicing through envelope seals and taped boxes.

10. Trim Loose Threads On Your Clothing

Equipped with opposable thumbs, we humans are pretty good at grabbing things, tearing things, chewing things, pulling things and even pushing them. One thing we can't do at all without the aid of a tool is cut things. Keeping a knife in your pocket at all times allows you to easily, immediately and one-handedly respond to virtually any cutting task no matter how big or small.

Need Help Finding the Perfect Pocket Knife for You? 

Finding the right knife has a lot to do with your personal preference. You want to choose one that feels good in your hand and isn't too bulky to carry with you on a daily basis. Let your Samurai spirit loose and order your own Pocket Samurai here.