The perfect EDC blade!

Posted by Staff on 6th Feb 2017

The perfect EDC blade!

How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you needed a knife? We’ve all been in a situation where we needed to open a box, letter, package, first aid, to peel fruit, cut thread, rope, or even protection. Here at StatGear, we’re crazy about knives and EDC (every day carry). While a lot of companies offer some great EDC options, we wanted to create a unique EDC that would appeal to the masses; something lightweight, affordable, and less cumbersome (in your pocket) than a lot of EDC’s. Taking all this into mind, we created the Pocket Samurai  which fits on your keychain, and in the palm of your hand!

Almost half a year ago, we released our original Pocket Samurai Keychain Knife as a highly functional EDC, inspired by traditional samurai swords and katanas. After months of designing, prototyping and testing the original, then re-designing, re-prototyping and re-testing, we are proud to introduce the Pocket Samurai Keychain Knife in aluminum! It’s the same great knife, but with a few tweaks!

Our original Pocket Samurai Keychain Knife in grade 5 titanium was extremely well received. Titanium’s a great material due to its strength and low weight, but expensive to manufacture. We couldn't help but respond to the many requests we received for a new version with the same stylistic and functional design elements, but in a less expensive material. We chose a high quality aircraft aluminum for it’s affordability, and its ability to be anodized in nearly any color. While our titanium model featured a frame lock - the locking mechanism which is attached to the frame of the knife, we re-engineered the locking mechanism on our aluminum model as it’s a softer metal. We reinforced the handle with dual stainless steel liners creating a “liner lock”, by utilizing one of these liners as the locking mechanism.

Like our titanium model, the Pocket Samurai Aluminum Edition features the same 440c Tanto stainless steel blade. Our blade is an extra thick slab of serious metal! 440c stainless steel is a great material, because it’s very easy to sharpen, and holds edge retention (our Tanto blade is sharpened to a razors edge out of the box!) The aluminum edition also features a removal pocket clip, thumb stud for 1 hand opening, and keyring loop to keep on your keychain! Coming in at half the price of our titanium model, the Pocket Samurai Aluminum Edition is a versatile, and highly stylized EDC perfect for general everyday use.

Thanks to our customers, supporters, and backers, our Pocket Samurai Aluminum Edition is offered in 4 amazing colors: black, grey, red, and bronze. Whether you’re like some of our customers who are collecting all the colors, or you’re simply in need of a small / lightweight EDC which packs a serious punch at only 1 ounce, look no further than the Pocket Samurai!