Meet the S3 Stat Stethoscope Tape Holder!

Posted by Staff on 21st Jul 2017

Meet the S3 Stat Stethoscope Tape Holder!

At StatGear we write a lot about everyday carry (edc), gear, and the importance of staying prepared. As we’re known for our products like the T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Knife, SuperVizor XT, and our Pocket Samurai (just to name a few), we also have an amazing product geared towards other types of “life savers” - Healthcare Professionals. Meet our S3 Stat Stethoscope Tape Holder!

As Healthcare Professionals know, it can be hard to keep track of the multitude of things which need to be carried on a daily basis. Having another thing bulging out of your pocket, stored in an EMS jump bag, or at a nursing station / supply closet doesn’t make sense; especially something which is used so frequently throughout the day. As a Healthcare Professional uses medical tape to secure IV’s, bandages, splints, ET tubes, and more, a smarter and easier way to access it needed to happen.

The founder of StatGear, Avi Goldstein is a practicing NY City Paramedic. As he has had hands on experience with the day-to-day challenges of being an EMS member, he understood the pain points of not being able to access medical tape in a easier way. He devised and designed the S3 Stat by creating an ABS plastic holder which easily goes over any stethoscope, and fits any roll of 1” medical tape. When the roll of tape is attached, it acts as a perfect counter-weight to the heavier bell side to help balance the scope around your neck.The S3 Stat is highly regarded by many Healthcare Professionals as a “life saver” as it eliminates the annoyance of shuffling through pockets or bags while being only a short reach away. Weighing in at under 0.3 oz, it also doesn’t add any extra unnecessary bulk.

The patented S3 Stat is made in the U.S.A. and available in 7 great colors. Coming in at only $6, its the best money spent as the cure for your old everyday headache!