Posted by Avi Goldstein on 17th Apr 2014

Knowing How to Put Together an Emergency Preparedness Kit

You are preparing for your great road trip – perhaps, your first big trip in the warmer months of the year. Your suitcase is ready, your camera battery is charged, and your whole family is excited and ready to go. Before you go – are you missing anything important? Do you have your emergency preparedness kit ready? Or do you need some advice on how to put together an emergency preparedness kit when you don’t have one?

Better safe than…

Emergency Preparedness Kit

You may not even be going anywhere far and you may be following the same route you always use, but knowing how to put together an effective emergency preparedness kit may be the one thing that you should never neglect. After all, this kit may save your or someone else’s life – it’s as simple and as tangible as that. Remember: there are no 100 percent safe roads, nor are you able to control the driving patterns of others or natural disasters and technological failures. What you can control is having a quality emergency kit with you at all times (and not in your trunk, mind you, but where you can quickly reach it from your driver’s seat in the event something untoward should happen).

The essential elements to survival

Many stores would want you to buy either a huge emergency kit that contains a lot of things you won’t really need or “conveniently” small kits that will be missing some important elements. A professional that knows how to put together an emergency preparedness kit would include a few indispensable items and then add a few more for additional protection. Basic survival tools that can be used to escape a vehicle involved in an accident is a must. This tool should enable you to do two things: cut your seatbelt with only minor effort and then break your side window without hurting yourself or wasting valuable time. This should be a tool that can be used with little physical force and should not require any setup or complex maneuvering. When space is limited and your thinking process is strained, you don’t anything complicated. A glow stick or powerful flashlight is another must if you are to be found and rescued faster. The rest of your emergency preparedness kit should consist of survival first aid kit , such as bandages, ice packs, medical tape, ointments and Nitrile gloves. All of the above (plus bottles of drinking water, just in case) gives you the advantage over your circumstances and greatly increases your chances of survival and ongoing well-being in an emergency situation.

Talk to professionals

Knowing how to put together an emergency preparedness kit is an essential skill that should never be cast aside. Feel free to consult with StatGear and take a look at our very own car survival kit, which is already turning the heads of safety experts and regular travelers alike, for all the good reasons. Most importantly: stay safe out there and remember that there are no shortcuts that are worth risking lives.