Posted by Avi Goldstein on 7th Mar 2014

An Emergency Survival Kit Should be Part of Your Driving Plan

In this day and age, not having your car equipped with a lot of features is either impossible or uncomfortable. The satellite radios, GPS systems, built-in entertainment centers, defrosters, defoggers, heated seats and steering wheels, and so on and so forth, make a vehicle feel powerful and innovative. They are professionally made with the driver’s every possible need accounted and provided for. Keeping all of this in mind (and not meaning to wax rhapsodic) but are you, in fact, prepared for an emergency should one occur on the road? Does your car include what it takes to survive in a dangerous situation – and by this we do not mean reinforced sidebars, seat belts, child seats and airbags, which, of course, every safety-conscious person will see as a must-have? Do you have a tool to break a window in order to escape from a sinking car, for example? What about a cache of drinking water or bandages? If your answer to any of the above was ‘no’ or you were unsure and needed to double-check, take a look at our emergency survival kit that you can rely on.

No matter how safe and defensive your driving habits may be the situation on the road, and next to the road, is not always something you can control. Inclement and changing weather, highway maintenance, unsafe driving on the part of others, and unexpected mechanical or electronic failure are just some of the factors that can suddenly create hazardous driving conditions. Emergency medical assistance, even the most basic one, has the potential to save lives. Equipment to make your escape from the vehicle and attract the attention of others is, in such a case, priceless. What StatGear offers is an emergency survival kit that covers all the basics while staying compact and in good logical order. By the way, when we say ‘compact’, we mean light enough to be attached to the passenger side sun visor and not block off the line of sight for the driver.

Our emergency survival kit includes multiple sizes of bandages, as well as ice packs, nitrile gloves, medical tape, the T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool, a glow stick, tweezers and some water, among other things. These components have been shown to be those needed the most in an emergency situation on the road. With the StatGear emergency survival kit, you can drive confidently, knowing that you have provided for the safety of your loved ones and done everything to prepare for what may lie further down the road. After all, complex technology and all the extra features of a modern car cannot replace the basic necessities that can drastically improve the situation, should disaster strike.

Having an emergency survival kit handy should be considered a necessity by all that value safety, preparedness and peace of mind. Find out more today – we are confident in our product’s high quality and would be happy to discuss its features in more detail. Get in touch today – be fully prepared as soon as possible.