5 Everyday Carry Kits to Inspire Your Summer 2020 EDC!

Posted by Staff on 5th Jun 2020

5 Everyday Carry Kits to Inspire Your Summer 2020 EDC!

It’s getting hot…

For most of us, summer is already in full force, and hopefully you have more opportunity to go out and explore beyond your normal boundaries! We wanted to help kickstart your summer with some awesome EDC kits. We choose these kits to keep you covered all summer long. 

The 5 EDC kits we’ll cover are:

  • The StatGear Classic - a EDC kit designed with our favorite items this summer.
  • The Outdoorsman - made for the nature lover who will be outside all summer.
  • The Minimalist - for the carrier who just wants the essentials.
  • The Social Distancer - created for the carrier ready to take on our post-quarantine life.
  • The Classy Friday Carry - for the enjoyer of life, who still wants to be handy when necessary.

The Statgear Classic

  • The Hygiene Hand - is made completely from brass which is antimicrobial. This tool offers you a germ-free way to open doors and use shared surfaces like the ATM or checkout.
  • Pocket Samurai - is a beautiful thin blade small enough to fit on your keychain. This small knife still packs a powerful punch and is made with rust-proof metal. It's also available in 6 colors!
  • Chrome Bottle Opener - makes another great addition to your keychain. Our sleek opener can make sure you come in handy at the right moment.
  • SwissQlip - adds to your light, but powerful summer EDC kit. This clip allows you to attach your multi-tools right to your belt or pocket. Compatible with most 91mm Swiss Army Knife models.

The Outdoorsman

  • The Proper Slip - is a leather EDC organizer offering a durable place to keep your knives and tools. It’s a small convenient way to keep everything in one place, and still stand-up to the outdoor’s demands.
  • Drop Brass Flashlight - is a titanium flashlight weighing in at only 1.2 ounces. It offers a very bright light, while remaining easier to carry. Great when it gets dark out there...
  • Spyderco Para 3 - another small, yet powerful tool measuring 2.95 inches. This is an extremely pocket friendly knife. Ready to take on all sorts of outdoor adventures.

The Minimalist

  • Wesen TI Microblade - is only 2.25 inches when closed, and contains a 1.5 inch blade with AUS8 heat treated steel. It’s a beautiful knife that you won’t even notice is there...until you need it.
  • Hatori Super Mini Flashlight - is only a little bigger than your finger, but still gives off 150 lumens. The battery lasts about two hours which is perfect for the minimalist. Did we mention it’s water-proof?

The Social Distancer

  • Benchmade Bugout - a great stainless steel blade, easy to fold up and place in your pocket. It’s made strong, and comes with a life-time warranty.
  • Zippo - a solid, well-made, and consistent lighter. What else is there to say?
  • Trayvax 2.0 Wallet - another item made to stand the test of time. It’s a military-grade metal wallet, and comes subtly intertwined with a paracord.
  • EKLOEN Portable Solid Brass EDC Pocket Pen - a brass pen meant to offer you a germ-free way to write and sign. It looks great, and is made with EDC in mind.
  • Rovyvon aurora a1 - a rechargeable flashlight giving off a very bright 650 lumens. It has a hidden strobe mode designed to help you in case of emergency.
  • Purell Hand Sanitizer Portable - a no brainer. A small Purell goes a long way, and is always extremely easy to carry.
  • Apple Airpods - if used properly, they can help you live a more touch-free life.

The Classy Friday Carry

  • Fisher Space Pen - a sleek pen able to write at any angle, even zero gravity. It’s made of brass and made to last.
  • Kizer Folding Pocket Knife - designed to be a classy titanium folding knife. It rocks ball bearings for a quick clean blade transition.
  • Pocket Travelers Notebook - meant to be a small field journal, however you can use this small leather journal to write down all your classy thoughts.
  • Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool (Gold) - a classic tool that can handle almost anything. Get it in gold to go with your classy Friday vibe!
  • Timex Expedition Scout 40 Watch - a stunning watch with a cream dial and your choice of a nylon or leather strap. It's water-resistant, and ready for all the pool-splashing you got!

We hope our lists motivated you to start designing your own EDC kit! Have a happy summer!