T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool

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Featured in Mens Health Magazine, Entrepreneur.com, Ambulance World, Military.Com and Journal of EMS.


• Designed by a NY City Paramedic
• A spring loaded steel tip window punch 
• 440C stainless steel hook blade for seatbelt cutting
• LED light with replaceable batteries
• 1/2 serrated 440C stainless steel blade 
• Stainless steel belt clip & heavy duty nylon belt sheath
Additional Specs:
Blade length - 3 1/4"
Complete tool length - 5"
Tool weight -  6.4 oz

Blade Closing Instructions:
With the knife edge facing you, there are two pieces of flat steel in the middle of the knife. One goes all the way from the top to the bottom of the handle and the other one on the right is bent towards the right. That bent piece is the liner lock. You use your right thumb to push the right piece (liner lock) towards the straight piece (i.e. push the right piece to the left) and at the same time you carefully close the knife blade (watch your thumb!). The same type of lock exists for the hook seat belt cutting blade on the back of the knife. You use your thumb to push in the piece of flat steel towards the center of the handle and close the hook blade.   Check out our blade closing video by hitting the VIDEO tab above.         
Window Punch Instructions:
Hold the window punch against the window and push with moderate force. The steel point will shoot out, shatter the glass and then retract automatically. Caution: This window punch really works! Always wear the proper protective equipment when practicing. 
*Must be 21 or older to order. Check federal, state and local laws in your area before ordering. This is not a toy! Misuse or careless use may cause serious injury. By ordering this item you are certifying that you are an adult and may legally possess it where you reside.

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Reviews (87)

Stu 26th Jun 2014

Best Medic Knife I have So Far

The seatbelt cutter work great on clothes. The flashlight is great for pupil assessment. The knife is sharp. Can't ask for a better knife. Just need to use the window punch.

Deuce1185 20th Jun 2014


I work on an ambulance and this tool is used on nearly every shift. Be careful when using the spring loaded window punch. It works a lot better than you expect it to. Scared the hell out of me the first time because I expected more resistance. I ended up putting my entire hand through a patient's car window. The hooked blade works great for a quick strip n' flip as well. If you know someone who is in EMS, this is the PERFECT gift. It also comes with a sturdy case that loops onto your belt.

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Additional Info