PURPLE DIEM Duffel Bag & ANGLZ Media Case Bundle

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DIEM Duffel Bag & ANGLZ Media Case Bundle

The Diem Duffel is a heavy duty bag constructed with water-resistant outer materials and a water proof, machine washable laundry bag insert to store your wet or dirty clothes. It was designed to follow the airline guidelines for carry-on specifications and includes two large side pockets to store your shoes, included toiletry bag or the optional ANGLZ Media Case.  Each Diem Duffel Bag includes a matching Mini Travel bag.

The ANGLZ Media case is the perfect way to store all of your tech accessories and wires. With its multi-layered zig-zag elastic pattern and two large velcro clasps, you're sure to have enough space for your portable chargers, headphones, USB cords, etc. 



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Alec Yates 29th Mar 2018

diem duffle bag

this travel bag is great! perfect size for a quick weekend getaway or for a "go-bag" for disaster prep. Heavy duty materials throughout. While I'm not as impressed with the media container it is also well made and fit for purpose. Well done.

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