Pocket Samurai Keychain Knife (Titanium Edition)

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Samurai swords were known for their extreme strength and sharpness so we've designed the Pocket Samurai knives to mimic those traits. 

Grade 5 Titanium handles in either Black or Gray
440C Stainless steel Tanto blade
Stainless steel pocket / money clip
Keyring loop
thumb stud

- Open packages of food
- Open boxes
- Cut your fruit
- Cut rope or twine
- Trim loose threads in your clothing
- Too many more to count!




Reviews (13)

Roman 14th Oct 2019

Awesome little knife!

I was looking at a few little knives when I ended up on this one. You'd be surprised at how often this comes in handy! Good build quality, got to me earlier than expected, and I've had it for about a week now and have used it on a daily basis opening mail and boxes! The design is awesome!

William Newberry 16th Sep 2019

Pocket Samurai

Super sharp , great little key-chain knife , sharper out of the box than my cold steel micro recon was by a good amount. Both knives were sharp but the pocket samurai is like a scalpel sharp. Very nice for cutting boxes at work. Top of blade though has sharp edges , it would be nice if the edges were smoothed out a little and the titanium handle is nice but could use a little rounding out the edges. Also I'm worried the blade might come open in my pocket , although I've tested it at work on my keychain and it's never come close to opening in my pocket, so maybe this is a non-issue. Still though maybe a tighter hold when the blade is closed just for extra piece of mind. The cold steel micro-recon has a tighter closed blade but I would still pick the samurai over it , just for the fact the blade is really nice length and very sharp. Overall though my favorite keychain knife so far a perfect size. It's just the sharp edges on top of the blade could use a little grinding out as well as the handle. Don't let any negatives sway you , it's darn near the perfect keychain knife for box cutting at work.

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