Auto Survival Kit

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Auto Survival Kit

Our new emergency Auto Survival Kit attaches to the passenger side sun visor of your car and includes:  

1 - T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool 
1 - Re-usable Eco Glow Stick
2 - Pair of nitrile gloves
2 - 4x4 gauze pads
2 - Large adhesive bandages
10 - Regular sized adhesive bandages
4 - Roller gauze bandages
1 - Latex elastic bandage
2 - Instant ice packs
4 - Alcohol prep pads
1 - Roll of medical tape
1 - Triangular bandage w/ 2 safety pins
2 - Antibiotic ointment
1 - Tweezers
1 - Emergency Drinking Water


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"I will definitely be carrying it in my vehicle from now on." - Tim MacWelch, Survival Expert at For the complete article click here

How to Escape a Sinking Car
Emergency Preparedness - There are all different types of emergencies which can arise and you should take precautions by purchasing Emergency Preparedness Kits or assembling your own Emergency Preparedness Kit complete with First Aid Supplies, Survival Supplies, Survival Knives and other Emergency and Disaster Supplies.  

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Exnjcop 2nd Feb 2015

More info needed

Well built and well thought out. The tool needs more complete directions for use. How does one change the batteries? How does the window breaker work? I've watched the videos and see that the window tool is to be placed against the window and firmly pushed. Does this function need to be reset after use? If yes, how?

Harry 8th May 2014

Auto Survival Kit

Auto Survival Kit really great product.

Additional Info

Additional Info

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