ANGLZ Media Case

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The ANGLZ Media case is the perfect way to store all of your tech accessories and wires.

With its multi-layered zig-zag elastic pattern and two large velcro clasps, you're sure to have enough space for your portable chargers, headphones, USB cords, etc. 





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Stu R. 22nd Jul 2016

How did I live without this?

I received this from the Kickstarter campaign and felt compelled to write a review on your website because I can't understand how I've lived so long without this!! The material and construction is just perfect. The function.... well it's amazing! I've already used my ANGLZ on an 8 hour driving trip (as the passenger:) and it was so cool to just have this lay on my lap so I could watch my ipad without holding it. In bed, I keep it between my wife and I to watch our Netflix and it's perfect. Sometimes we prop it up on a pillow to be more eye-level but it works like a charm! No more fighting over who has to hold the ipad.... You may have just saved our marriage! Can't wait for your next products!

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