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 StatGear products can now be purchased from retailers around the globe!


 canadian-flag.jpgCanada - First Aid Zone


 canadian-flag.jpg Canada - Total Prepare


 canadian-flag.jpgCanada - EMRN


 canadian-flag.jpgCanada - Sands


 canadian-flag.jpgCanada - Dallaire Medical




 uk-flag.gifU.K. - Goodies For Nurses


 uk-flag.gifU.K. - First Response Supplies


  ireland.jpgIreland - Flashpoint Systems


 ireland.jpgIreland - West Aid Shop


 australian-flag.jpgAustralia -


 australian-flag.jpgAustralia - Medshop Australia


 swedish-flag.jpgSweden - Promoteq


 israel-flag.gifIsrael - Israel EMS


 south-africa.gifSouth Africa - Miracle Medical


south-africa.gifSouth Africa - YMS


polish-flag.jpgPoland - Novamed


germany-flag-wallpaper-6-.jpgGermany - Doc Check Shop


netherlands-flag.jpgNetherlands - Het Brandweer Magazijn


netherlands-flag.jpg Netherlands - Hulpverlening Shop


new-zealand.jpg New Zealand - Top Gear


finland-flag.gifFinland - Sairashuone


thailand-flag.gifThailand - Promedic


philippines-flag-postcard-r026de866c78a41909aa9362fc3eee5b9-vgbaq-8byvr-512.jpgPhilippines - MedSurgeTek 

                                                           Phone: (02) 9756546 ; (02)7104181


japan-flag.jpgJapan - Wako-Shoji


mexico.jpgMexico - EMS Mexico





Questions & Phone Orders

Questions & Support

Call us: (929) 224-STAT

Shop with Confidence

Shop with Confidence

30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. If you're not satisfied with your order we offer you 30 days to return it for a full refund!

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