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A premium micarta folding knife that boasts old school ruggedness in a modern design!

Featuring canvas micarta handles for a luxurious look and feel, a super strong and razor sharp D2 steel drop-point blade, oversized thumb studs and a low profile tip-up pocket clip.

The Ausus is ready to become your new go-to EDC knife!






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Craig M 21st Mar 2018


After seeing many people purchase this knife I decided it was time for me to do the same. Customer service was great and shipping was very quick. The knife came extremely sharp out of the box and then ode was perfectly centered however there was some side to side play in the open position. I attempted to adjust the pivot screw and it was very tight. I had watched a few you tube videos saying that Red loctite was used so I gave the screw one good hit with the Torx driver and it was loose enough to adjust the pivot. Once it was tight enough to remove the side to side blade play the blade was no longer centered it was off to the lock side and almost touching the liner however; the blade was now rock solid and still opened very smooth since it rises on bearings. I changed my pocket clip to the left side for my style of carry and had a few minor issues with the screw lining up properly from what as far as I can tell is from the way the clip is bent. Once I did a few minor adjustments here as there I was able to correctly line up the screws and tighten the clip which is very nice I must say. Out of the box I noticed a few of the screw that hold the scales on we’re ot flush with the scales , after tinkering around with it for a bit I realized that the scale screws actually thread into barrel type spacers hidden under the backspacer. After maki g some adjustments I found that the scales were drilled slightly off causing the a lscrews not to thread fully in. With some loosening and tightening here and there I got everything to line up and fit flush. Other then those few issues I like the knife. It still is off centerwhich is a bit bothersome but the knife function fine ,holds a great edge that is easily touched up on a strop and carries very nicely in the pocket. All in all I would recommend this knife to anyone

Fred Tillin 28th Feb 2018

Freakin' Awesome knife!

Love this baby!

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